Onion Crusted Tuna Provencale


- 6 oz of Tuna Loin Steak

- 1/8 cup of Shaved Onion

- Seasoned Flour

Provencale Sauce

- 1 Tbsp of Olive oil

- 1 Tbsp of Butter

- 1 Tbsp of Garlic (minced)

- 1 Tbsp of Shallots (minced)

- ½ cup of Tomatoes (diced)

- 1 tsp of capers (bruised)

- 8 each of olive ( black Kalamata halved)

- ½ cup of white wine

- 2 Tbsp of Parsley (fresh chopped)

- tt of Salt and coarse ground pepper

- 1Tbsp of Whole butter for finishing sauce


Heat sauté pan on medium heat. Add oil, and 1 tbsp butter. Saute garlic and shallots briefly. Add tomatoes and cook until soft. Add capers, olives and white wine. Cook until wine is reduced by half. Hold and wait until tuna is ready.

Heat a non-stick sauté pan over medium high heat. Shave onions very thin and place on top of seasoned flour without dusting them. Season tuna loin with salt and cracked pepper.

Press tuna firmly onto the onions which are on top of the flour. Put olive oil into the heated pan and place tuna onion side down. Cook until onions are golden brown. Turn tuna over and cook until desired doneness. Remove and hold warm.

Reheat tomato –provencale mixture stir in last Tbsp of butter and finish with parsley, salt and pepper. Serve under seared tuna with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes.