Bearnaise Sauce


Minced Shallots
White Wine
Pinch of peppercorns
Parsley Stems
Dried Tarragon
3 Egg Yolks (No egg white)
27 Oz Clarified Butter
Salt and Pepper


Combine shallots, white wine, vinegar, peppercorns, parsley stems and dried tarragon in a saucepan. Heat until mixture has reduced by half.
Strain contents.

Add 3 egg yolks to metal bowl then mix in a small amount of the reduction from above. Whisk until mixed. Using a double-boiler method, place bowl in boiler and whisk. Do not allow the eggs to cook. Remove from heat throughout the process. Whisk until contents are at the consistency of mayonnaise.

Remove double boiler from heat and place boiler pan on heat safe surface. Cover with a towel and place bowl of contents over towel. Whisk in clarified butter and keep stirring as emulsion takes hold.

Add freshly chopped tarragon.
Salt and pepper should be added towards the end as adding sooner can break the emulsion.

Serve with filet and enjoy!