7 on 7 players, spectators work to beat the heat

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Kids from all across the state are in College Station for the 7 on 7 State Championships.

Besides trying to beat their opponents, football players are also trying to beat the heat. The week has been hot with high humidity. Friday temperatures were in the low 90s, but it felt hotter.

"Getting a lot of fluids in our body. Made sure we ate this morning and, you know, we been doing this all summer during, like, at workout stuff, so we're used to it," said Dubb Gonzales, a Hearne wide receiver.

Friday morning, players were taking plenty of breaks and cooling down by misting fans.

"It's hot. We had a game last week at 12:30 to get ready... the heat's going to be there in August," said Dalton Wilganowski, a Bremond slot receiver and cornerback.

Spectators did their best to cool down with lots of pop-up tents and umbrellas.

Marguerita Marek brought her 82-year-old mom Lillian Juarez to watch.

"I brought my umbrella... and make sure I always have an umbrella for her, water, and a little chips for her to eat on," said Marek.

"I work from 7 in the morning until about 3 in the afternoon everyday out in my yard. Hot or not hot, I mean, to me the weather's the same. I'm used to it," said Lillian Juarez.

Even with the clouds and the wind, the players and fans are still feeling plenty of heat. Around midday Friday, the turf was reading at about 130 degrees on an infrared thermometer.

"The turf makes it even hotter, so, but you know we're used to it. You're in pretty good shape for, you know, only having 7 people," said Seth Kasowski, Bremond quarterback and safety.

"Bremond’s always had a rich tradition and we have a bunch of die hard fans, you know. They’ve been here forever and we really appreciate them coming out in this hot weather," he added.

Coaches make sure their players can handle the tougher temps.

"That comes with preparation. You gotta start from day one," said Lloyd Turner, a Hearne 7 on 7 volunteer coach. "And playing in tournaments in the heat, so that also helped us out," he said.

The tournament wraps up Saturday at Veterans Park.