A&M track never gets out of the blocks during outdoor season

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Pat Henry and his Aggie track team are dealing with the reality of knowing their entire outdoor season won't happen after the Southeastern Conference announced on Tuesday afternoon that the 2019-2020 athletic calendar was being canceled due to the Covid 19 pandemic sweeping across the United States.

Now there are some track athletes that are still holding onto Olympic dreams, but Coach Henry says restrictions put in place because of the corona virus he and his staff are limited in how they can help them train.

"This is a tough scenario for all of those athletes it doesn't make any difference the sport, but it's tough," said Henry.

"We are fortunate enough because we are outside. I guess you could say that is fortunate, but we can get a few things done. I can't be with them. All I can do is write some training. Some of them can do some running in some parks. They can get on a turf field at a city park or a city area. They can do some things for themselves just to kinda stay even and not lose ground. Nobody is going to gain ground at this time," concluded Henry.

Best case scenario is that the SEC is able to lift the suspension on organized gatherings along with team and individual practices on April 15th.