Aggie football is on track to return this fall, but could look different

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BRYAN (KBTX) - A sports medical advisor for the company QuestCap and Toronto Blue Jays, Dr. Glenn Copeland, believes College Football will return, but in a very different form this year. Governor Gregg Abbott thinks the season will start on time, but he doesn't know how many fans will be in the stands, while Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork wants to have a "full fan experience" in the fall.

Image provided by: The Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University

Dr. Copeland is working with sports leagues globally to bring sports back. He believes if the professional leagues can pull off their return this summer, then college football should have a successful return this fall. "Players at the NCAA level are much more controllable than pro players," explained Copeland. "These are kids in college. They're going to listen to the coaching. They're going to listen to the staff. They're going to listen to their trainers. They're going to listen to their team doctors. I've got a lot of faith that the NCAA will do very well."

But Dr. Copeland does not anticipated the normal sea of maroon and white at Kyle Field this year. "Do I see 85,000 people in a stadium in September? I give you a big, huge question mark. I doubt it. "

Copeland said he would take a more conservative approach and encourage social distancing to start the season. "Could we mitigate the risk? Sure, there's ways. You can space people out. You've got a 100,000 seat stadium, maybe there's only at the first game 20 percent," offered Copeland.

This summer there will be a lot of 'wait and see what happens' as the economy gradually opens back up.

"It's a work in progress. It's a work in progress. If you said is this season going to be like it was last season? Not a chance. Not now. Not now. Saying that, in September, there may not be any new cases of COVID," Copeland said.

No matter what happens this football season, Aggies are already planning and preparing for when they can make their return at full strength.

"Sports are going to be there long past me and you I can promise you. This will be a great experience that we'll look back on and learn from. The Aggies will ride again, and they'll lead again, and they'll be champions again. It just might look a little different this year," concluded Copeland.