Aggies again 3-2 after another close win over Arkansas, but teams aren't similar

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- There is nothing OFF about an 'off' week in college football. The Arkansas win was critical for the team from the standpoint of giving them a chance to practice this week with a positive feeling about the victory.

What isn't positive is the things this team needs to work on this week as they look to move ahead.

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is hoping that history repeats itself, as the Aggies find themselves in the same position as they were a year ago after a close win against Arkansas, 3-2 and they went onto have one of the best seasons since winning four games in 2013.

Will that be the case this year? The records are where the comparisons begin and end.

"It's just two different teams. Two different identities. We had a lot of older guys on that team last year," said defensive back Keldrick Carper."This is the first year with a whole different staff and the new staff and we were trying to figure everything out at that point and this year even though the same record and similar outcome with Arkansas, there is some similarities, but I would say the make up of the team is a little bit different," concluded Carper.

"You see parallels because the guys have been through it. You have guys who have done it and I think guys who know the importance of how you have to look at this. But then we have to go back and do it. And that is what it is going to get down too. And not just do it on Saturday, I keep saying we've got to do it on that practice field," added Jimbo Fisher.

"Coach Fisher was saying that we are in the exact same position that we were last year. We were two and two and then we beat Arkansas. It's a good feeling to win, but it is also a reiteration that we need to keep getting better and there are a lot of things that we could have done better in the game," wrapped up defensive lineman Justin Madubuike.

If the Aggies are going to produce a 9-4 season or better, they'll do it against a much tougher schedule then they did in 2018 with at least three more top 10 teams to play in Alabama next week, along with Georgia, and LSU to wrap up the regular season.