A&M baseball team has strong ties to the home of the College World Series

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) -- The road to Omaha begins in Morgantown, West Virginia for the Aggie baseball team. Texas A&M has made the trip to Nebraska six times, but they also has strong ties to the state.

Right-fielder Logan Foster grew up wanting to play for coach Rob Childress.

"When I was younger my cousin played for coach Childress when he was a coach at Nebraska, grew up hearing stories of coach Childress," said Logan Foster, a junior on the Texas A&M baseball team.

"He and my daughter went to daycare together. I've known him since he was six months old and actually have had to put his pacifier back in his mouth, back and then and at times here too, now that he's been a player for us," said Rob Childress, the head coach of the Texas A&M baseball team.

Those games at Nebraska were also the first time Foster would see his future coaches.

"Grew up watching coach Bolt, coach Seely, and coach Christy," said Foster.

They all also had the same coach, Rob Childress.

"He was a guy that was always honest with me, always could put his arm around me when he needed to, always could kick me in the bottom when I needed it," said Justin Seely, an assistant coach for the Texas A&M baseball team.

Now, they're all members of the same coaching staff.

"It's almost surreal I've known these guys over half their lives. And, as good as players as they were they're so much better husbands, fathers, and coaches than they were players and that's saying an awful lot because they were special players," said Childress.

"It's real to me now and real in the best way possible. I get to wake up everyday and come to work if you call it work I guess use that world loosely, but you get to come to work with people that you respect people that you love, they just so happen to be your friends as well," said Seely.

The goal every year now is to get back to Nebraska. Omaha and the College World Series, to be specific.

"Growing up as a kid and going to the College World Series every year I mean it's a place you dream about playing in the backyard, you set the situation like you're in the College World Series. To be able to do that my freshman year was truly amazing and it's something I'll never forget," said Foster.

"The hair on the back of neck stands up up thinking about it. It's something that you can't buy it because it's that you're accomplishing with a group of people that you couldn't accomplish on your own.