Aggies' offense preparing for unfamiliar Oklahoma State defense

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COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M football is gearing up for their 11th straight bowl appearance next Friday. The Aggies will re-unite with Big 12 foe Oklahoma State for the first time since joining the SEC.

A&M's offense had a lot of ups and downs this year, but the Aggies say by facing the best SEC defenses, they've only gotten better.

Oklahoma State's defense will be a new look that the Aggies are not used to. Before playing Oklahoma in the final week of their regular season, the Cowboys went on a four game winning streak. They held those opponents to 27 points or less and had 10 takeaways in that span.

The Aggies know they can not overlook this defense.

"They're a little different on defense than we've seen in the SEC. Playing a 3-3 stack, we don't see that very much. They may move a lot post-snap. All their players are try-hard guys. Maybe they're not the big, flashy, speed guys that you see in the SEC, but we respect them a lot the way that they play," said offensive lineman Colton Prater.

"I feel like they disguise their safeties really well. I'm just going to have to trust my eyes and give the ball to the play-makers and let them make plays," explained quarterback Kellen Mond.

Texas A&M leads the SEC and ranks 13th in the nation in time of possession at 33 minutes. Oklahoma State has allowed their opponents nearly 31 minutes time of possession.