Aggies working on 4th quarter drills

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COLLEGE STATION - Football is back in Aggieland. Spring practices are not quite underway yet, but A&M Head Coach Jimbo Fisher met with the media after their off-season workout.

The Aggies are working on 4th quarter drills. There's plenty of new faces in the crowd, including incoming freshman, Consol's Devin Price. This is also the first look at some of the new additions to Fisher's coaching staff. Fisher says he's pleased with how the new coaches have stepped up and what they bring to the program.

Today's 4th quarter drills were focused mainly on conditioning and agility in order to perform at a high level late in the game. The Aggies averaged nearly 9 points a game in the 4th quarter last season, their best of any quarter.

Fisher says these drills and workouts before spring practices are critical for the team's development.

"Bunch of agility drills. Just changing direction, speed, and trying to work on their mental toughness. Their conditioning. Doing things right. But also lower body development. Football's a lower body game. You have to bend and change direction, and that's what we're trying to develop in our players. Today was what we call an agility drill day. Tomorrow is a plyometric day inside with a lot of running on the outside. We're trying to work speed, change of direction, decelerations, accelerations, but lower body flexibility," explained Fisher.

The Aggies will start spring ball in a few weeks with the Maroon and White scrimmage on Saturday April 18th.