Aja Ellison anxious to step on court during SEC play for Aggies

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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Thursday night the Texas A&M women's basketball team will be in Nashville to play Vanderbilt. Both teams are off to 0-2 starts and somebody is going to pick up their first conference win.

A&M graduate transfer Aja Ellison is the daughter of an all-time basketball great, and Head Coach Gary Blair is hoping her athletic genes will be able to help this program during the grind of SEC play.

"I have very good genes, thanks to my parents," says Aja.

Those genes have helped the Ellison family avoid paying for college, and have given Aja the opportunity to follow in her famous father's footsteps.

"My mom ran track for the University of Maryland and my father's name is Pervis Ellison," added Aja.

That name should ring a bell, as Pervis Ellison played at Louisville, helping the Cardinals win the 1986 national title and earning the nickname "Never Nervous Pervis" after earning NCAA tournament Most Outstanding Player honors as a freshman. Ellison was the top pick in the 1989 NBA Draft and played in the league until 2000.

While Aja is athletic like her father, she does not share his disposition during games.

"I actually get nervous," continued Aja. "I wish I could be like my dad and just not be nervous but I actually get nervous. I have two other siblings and my older sister is the one that actually doesn't get nervous. She got that. She got lucky. My brother and I, I think we get a little nervous," said Aja.

Ellison spent the past four seasons at Maryland, and did not want to pass up the opportunity to get her Master's degree in sports management at Texas A&M while playing for a tradition rich program.

"It's just an amazing staff and I know they're going to make me the best that I can be and obviously the team too. I love the girls and the team's been successful and definitely the Aggie network and the education. I mean, here with that and the basketball you get everything you want," said Aja.

Ellison has yet to see the floor in SEC play after seeing time in nine non-conference games, but that could change as the season goes on.

"The most important thing, she might be our most valuable teammate right now. That's a very important role to have on the team, can you be a good teammate even if you're not playing or scoring a lot? That's what Aja brings us. Now, I'm betting on the genes. I'm betting on Pervis, I'm betting on the brother at Pittsburgh, I'm betting on the mom that ran track. She's going to help us down the line in some conference games because she's got the SEC style of body that you need to compete at the highest level," said A&M Women's Head Basketball Coach Gary Blair.

Blair may need a spark from Ellison now more than ever after the Aggies have gotten off to an 0-2 start in league play.

Thursday night at 7pm the Aggies will look to pick up their first SEC win. The game will be streamed live on the SEC Network Plus.