Atomanczyk has summer vacation that will be tough to top

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Six Weeks ago Easterly's Josh Atomanczyk was invited to North Carolina to try out for the U-12 USA Baseball team.

The team was being put together to compete at the World Cup Baseball Tournament in Taiwan.

Josh was one of over 100 players being considered, and he said making the team wasn't something he was even thinking about.

"When they invited me to try out I was so excited. I didn't care if I made the team at all. I was glad that I got invited to try out," said Josh.

But not only did Josh make the team. He was the starting catcher who possessed a very explosive bat.

Josh's two run homerun against Korea turned out being a lot easier than being out of state and needing a passport on short notice. Which was the first order of business after making the team.

Josh's bat and ability to catch are considered secondary skills to his talent on the mound.

In the game against Japan. Josh's talents all came together. He struck out 7 in the game while picking up the win and helped his own cause with a pair of two run homeruns resulting in 5 runs batted in the 6-1 win. Josh single handily beat the Japanese. It was his best day ever at 'the yard'.

"I've had games where I hit two home runs and I've had games where I pitched like that, but I never had games where I did both," added Atomanczyk.

When it was all said and done. Josh helped the United States win a gold medal. He was awarded a gold platter for hitting 5 home runs, the most long balls in the World Cup Tournament and the team's catcher was named the best relief pitcher.