Banquet held for Rockdale and Cameron football teams

ROCKDALE, Tex. (KBTX) - On Friday night, two crosstown rivals sat down and shared a meal tonight. The Rockdale and Cameron Yoe football teams came together to show that off the field- it's nothing but love.

For the first time in Milam county the banquet was held to bring the two teams and their fan bases together. The hope is to not only support the teams but bring economic growth to the community. Those in attendance heard from county leaders and former A&M head football coach RC Slocum.

"This event tonight is a big deal for Milam County. The rivalry between us and Rockdale, Cameron and Rockdale is a great rivalry. It only makes each of us better, but this goes to show that Milam County can come together and eat together and pray together and hang out together and we get along just fine," said Tommy Brashear, the head coach of the Cameron Yoe football team.

"It's obviously one of the best rivalries in the state of Texas, but part of what makes it great in my opinion is the mutual respect we have for each other. You know that week when that ball game is coming on and you know lately obviously there's been a lot of big ramifications, district or even position ourselves into the playoffs and so forth but really it's a pretty healthy relationship and rivalry in my opinion," said Jeff Miller, the head coach of the Rockdale football team.

Cameron and Rockdale face each other on October 25th at Rockdale.