Bjork optimistic Aggies will have 'full fan experience' in the fall

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 5:18 PM CDT
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There's nothing like a Saturday in the fall at Kyle Field.

One hundred thousand people together participating in some of the richest traditions in college football. But if social distancing guidelines are still in place in the fall, what does that mean for Aggie Football?

Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork seems optimistic about how they're moving forward. "We would not want to decrease our season ticket base. We would not want to decrease opportunities. Our goal would be to hold tight on that as much as we could, and again, have that full experience," assured Bjork.

Bjork wants the full fan experience this fall, but he knows things could change and they'll need to adapt. "We have a lot of room. We have a lot of space, a lot of physical space (at Kyle Field). So you would just start with your infrastructure and analyze it from there."

As far as mapping out a seating chart in Kyle Field to encourage social distancing, Bjork says they haven't had to do that yet. But there are other protocols, specifically with concessions on game-day, that they are looking at.

"Those things are all being thought out right now, you know, maybe cashless, we're putting in a new point of sale system. And so you're looking and that was that would happen before COVID-19. We had to upgrade that system anyway, so looking at all those different things with all those technologies. And this gives us an opportunity to improve. And so you look at those, you look at the social distancing with lines." The AD continued, "You know one of the things that we had to do with the alcohol policy is right now we have to pour the bottle or can of beer into a cup. That's an SEC policy. And does that need to change now we're having that conversation right so you limit you hold the, can you pour it in the cup, you hold the cup, you give it. So you want to eliminate as many contacts as possible. And those approaches are being studied right now."

Time will tell what this fall will look like in Aggieland, but Bjork is optimistic the Aggies can "saw varsity's horns off" soon. "We can't live in fear. We can't be paralyzed. We have to evolve into this and keep learning and understanding while keeping people safe with all those risk mitigation parameters," Bjork stated.

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