Bjork says AD opening at A&M was not on his radar until about two weeks ago

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Thursday night Texas A&M confirmed that Ross Bjork was being hired to be the University's next athletic director leaving Ole Miss after seven years.

KBTX Sports had a chance to visit with Bjork on the phone Monday afternoon prior to the SEC Spring Meetings. He explained that a friendly phone call appears to open a dialog with University President Michael K. Young and resulted in him getting a job he wasn't aware he was interested in.

"I actually called R.C. when he was named interim athletic director and I said congratulations," said Bjork.

"You are new to this seat. If you need anything from a another SEC athletic director let me know if I can help you. I was actually called about fourteen days ago or so now and said you are on their list. You are going to get a phone call and said would you have an meeting and I couldn't pass up that opportunity to meet with President Young. So it really happened fast. It really wasn't on my radar. Again this is Texas A&M. This is special and were ready to dive right in," concluded Bjork.

Ross Bjork will be on campus next Monday to be officially introduced and will begin his new job on July 8th.