Bjork says Fisher's recruiting is going 'extremely well'

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COLLEGE STATION - During the Coronavirus pandemic, college recruiting remains in a dead period. All aspects of college athletics have had to adapt during COVID-19, and A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork says recruiting, especially the work Jimbo Fisher has done with football, has been a high point.

"He said recruiting is going very well. He said one of the things happening is a lot of the in-state kids who maybe want to look elsewhere, this has caused them to say 'hey, I want to stay closer to home because of all of this.' Having him and the relationship building that he's so good at, our staff, I think this is the best staff he's had, so the energy level that the new guys have brought mixed with the guys that are returning I think is a great combination," explained Bjork. "He feels like recruiting, even though we're on a dead period, is going extremely well. being creative like we did last week I think helps. And then we had momentum. We had momentum in the program. To continue that has definitely helped along with Jimbo's mentality," Bjork added.

The NCAA's suspension on all in-person recruiting lasts through May 31st.