Bjork speaks on financial future of Texas A&M athletics

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COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork says they're currently trying to figure out the financial future of Aggie athletics. The cancellation of the NCAA basketball tournament already took a big hit on universities, but Bjork says the effects will go much deeper than that.

"There's definitely going to be a tightening of the belt. We also don't know the total impact yet. we are offering refunds on baseball and softball and track, so we don't have a final number. Those things are still being processed and people are still deciding," explained Bjork. "We don't know yet a financial impact of less concessions revenue particularly on the baseball side, because we have great crowds in baseball that produce a lot of income. Then, we don't know what we're saving, in terms of travel costs and operational costs. All those things are being formulated right now," Bjork added.

The NCAA recently announced they're distributing 225 million dollars to it's Division One members in June. That's 375 million less than the original budget before the coronvirus outbreak.