Bjork speaks on transfer portal during COVID-19

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COLLEGE STATION - During the coronavirus pandemic, the whole sports landscape is ever changing and adapting.Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork says they're still trying to figure out what effects this will have on their student athletes.

One thing Bjork mentioned is the transfer portal. The pandemic seems like a natural time for athletes to stay closer to home rather than travel abroad for school, but recruiting and transferring looks a little different with no in-person visits. Bjork admits that the transfer world right now is a complicated issue with positives and negatives.

"We'll probably have the benefit of getting some transfers, and we'll probably have some people that decide to transfer. We'll probably have a little bit of both, but I could see that to where people know about A&M, maybe they're from Texas, they want to get closer to home. We could see a positive in that. What I worry about though is that those that do transfer, either they leave our place or another place, is there enough availability?" Bjork questioned.

"I think student-athletes have to be very,very careful if they are looking to transfer to make sure they have a place to go before they get out there in that world. It's a delicate balance," added Bjork.

According to, the Aggies have 7 football players in the transfer portal right now that have not committed to a school yet.