Bombers take crown for 'Best College Summer League Ballpark' in USA

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BRYAN, Texas -- The Brazos Valley Bombers took home the title of best college summer league ballpark in the nation from Ballpark Digest. 64 teams from across the nation were pitted up against each other in head to head matchups where fans could vote their team to the next round. After six rounds the last team left standing was the Brazos Valley Bombers after taking down the Traverse City Pit Spitter with the final vote: 56 percent for Travis Field, 44 percent for Pit Spitters Park. Overall, over 72,500 fans voted in the summer-collegiate competition

Travis Field has had a couple of great corporate name-sakes over the years since the Bombers returned to the Brazos Valley. From Brazos Valley Bank Ballpark to Nutrabolt Stadium these businesses saw a troumendous increase in brand awarness, new business and employee retenion; Now the Best College Summer League Ballpark in the Nation has the opportunity to make the mark for a local business looking to hit a marketing home run.

Steve Harper former CEO of Brazos Valley Bank said “after we named the ballpark, people would approach us and thank the bank for bringing the Bombers to town; the naming rights helped us establish a recognizable brand over night!”

“It is a true honor to have the support of our community, our players from over the years, and our friends from all-over that believe in the Bombers organization so much,” said Brazos Valley Bombers President Uri Geva. “Their support and continued voting is a testament to the history of our ballpark along with the incredible improvements that have been made to Travis Field over the 13 years of the Brazos Valley Bombers. We love making memories of a lifetime happen at Travis Field throughout the Summer! What an honor to be named the 2019 Summer Collegiate Best Ballpark!”

Travis Field completed an almost $2 Million dollar renovation prior to the 2017 season in a joint partnership between the Bombers and the City of Bryan and is not only home to the 5 time TCL Champions Bombers, but also the home to the Houston Dyanmo’s very own USL League 2 back to back Division Title winners the Brazos Valley Cavalry FC, along with dozens of High School Baseball & Soccer games, the Annual Boofest Festival and many other events. Geva said “Prior to these rennovations the ballpark was getting close to 60,000 annual visitors, this year in 2019 we are on pace for over 100,000. It is important that we find the right local partner that is committed to the community so that we can continue to improve the facility.”