Bremond beats Granger in High School Football

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BREMOND, Tex. (KBTX) - Bremond was at home against Granger trying to stay undefeated in district play Friday night.

Both teams will get some touchdowns first half.

During the first quarter Granger's Thomas Roades hands off to Carlos Reyna. Reyna scooted and pushed his way seven yards into the end zone for a quick touchdown.

After the extra point that would tie things up 7 to 7.

But Bremond's offense will be rolling. With seconds left in the first quarter, J.T. Anthony received the snap and ran with it. He rolled right, shed tacklers and made a 25-yard touchdown play.

Anthony would have several scores in the evening.

Bremond was on top Friday night.

Final score: Bremond 49 - Granger 14.