Bryan baseball holds Senior Night

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BRYAN - The Bryan baseball team "turned on the lights" one last time this year to honor their seniors. The coronavirus pandemic ended the season prematurely, so this was the Vikings' way of giving the seniors a proper send-off.

The Vikings normally would be in the middle of playing their district schedule right now, but since that's not an option, Senior Night is the next best thing for these six Vikings.

"It means a lot. I mean, after not seeing each other for a month or so, obviously we miss all the guys back in the locker room or out here at the field practicing. It's great. I love that we're having this. It's better than just ending it on nothing," explained Vikings' shortstop Hunter Zaragoza.

"It means a lot getting out here and seeing everybody. Seeing all of our friends. Seeing all the family and coaches. Ever since I was a freshman I wanted to come out here and play a senior night game and play varsity baseball. It's hard that it got taken away. I'm just glad that we could have something," Viking pitcher Logan Freeman added.

The Vikings say one of the toughest things of their season coming to a sudden halt was the momentum they had. These six seniors felt they were primed for a playoff run.