Calvert football coach named a top coach in Texas Football Magazine

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CALVERT, Tex. (KBTX) - A local high school football coach is getting statewide attention for his team.

Calvert's Head Football Coach Ja'Marcus Ashley is featured in the new "Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine" as a Top Coach Under 40.

He spends many hours at Trojan Stadium in Calvert and is about to start his third season coaching there. The small community is excited by his newfound notoriety.

"And I see the article and instantly I was just proud of all the hard work that we're putting in here. And then I thought about the kids because it's not a reflection of me. It's saying that I have you know a top 40 program with top 40 kids," said Ja'Marcus Ashley, Calvert High School Football Coach and Athletic Director.

Ashley was a star quarterback in Calvert a few years back and graduated in 2011. Last year his team was 8-3 with a playoff run. Tre'Quinton Green is a receiver on the team and also the coach's nephew.

"By him being our coach he like really pushes us to our limit so we're really grateful for that," said Green. "By being his nephew he's a little tough on me but by being his player he treated us all the same. He's just tough on us," he added.

"Coming from Calvert, so what he taught me is you can be anything you want to be in life, never give up. Try your hardest in everything you do. Never let yourself down," said senior Danielshijon Hurst, who plays all positions.

"We're winning every game. We’re going all the way no matter what and no doubt to it we’re going all the way. No doubt," Hurst added.

"It's not so much being in the magazine. It's really to my community man. I think we've done a great job in trying to create a bridge back to our kids and really instilling them and show them that you know they're valued and that they can do whatever they set their minds to," said Ashley.

The Trojans start two-a-days August 5. Their first game will be against St. Joseph in Bryan on August 31.

Coach Ashley also attended Texas A&M where he studied communication.