Calvert Trojans: 2019 Hometown Heroes

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BRYAN - The Calvert Trojans saw success last year under first-year head coach Ja'Marcus Ashley. They won their district and went a couple of rounds deep in the playoffs.

This six-man team returns all six starters. Every one of them made an all-district team last season. The Trojans' leadership and experience will be key to make a deep run in the playoffs this year, and with all their talent, expectations are sky-high in Calvert.

"State or bust. I mean why not? You know, I mean we have, we feel that we have everything we need in order to go as far as possible. So I'm not going to, I'm not going to limit our expectations. I'm going to, we as a team feel that we have more than enough to accomplish our main goal of playing in Arlington and winning and bringing a state championship back to Calvert," said head coach Ja'Marcus Ashley.

"We've got to give it everything we got. We don't do that, then we ain't going to make it. We haven't won state yet so we are trying to get to that boundary to the point where all of our players know we are going to win state. That's our goal for this year," explained senior Danielshijon Hurst.

"Oh everything. 2 touchdowns a game, 3 touchdowns, 3 interceptions. Anything, the small things matter. Everything we've got we've need to put into it, you know, state, it's not a game. We've got to go get it," added senior safety Corderrius Gilmore.

"We've been preaching hard work, dedication, commitment. I mean then you have to have a couple breaks here and there. I mean it doesn't matter how good of a team you are, you kinda need everything to go right in order to get to that level of winning. So, fortunately, we'll be able to put ourselves in position to really do everything we need to do to win," Ashley said.

The Calvert Trojans kick-off their 2019 campaign against St. Joseph at the annual Allen Academy six-man showcase.