Classroom Champion - Chris Coleman - January 25, 2018

BRYAN, Texas -- Classroom Champions, sponsored by American Momentum Bank.

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Chris Coleman. The Brazos Christian School Senior has a 4.4 GPA, and is an honor student, and he excels in his AP classes.

Catherine Lee – Teacher
“I think that Chris handles the pressure of being a student athlete with a lot of grace. I think that students see the way he handles that pressure and it's part of what makes him a good leader. I think he has the support of his family and his friends; and he really draws on that. He's not isolated in his efforts , he really gets strength and encouragement from the people around him.”

Darryl Bruffett
Chris plays basketball, football, swimming and soccer for the Brazos Christian Eagles. He was a Honorable Mention selection in Football as a Defensive Lineman. Outside of sports, Chris is involved in the Drama Club and the School Life Team. And in his spare time, he likes playing ping pong and Angle ball.

Wade Coleman - Coach
“I think Christopher is both a leader by example first and then with his words. He is one who wants people to see leadership demonstrated in the consistencies of his actions. But he is willing to speak up. He is often one who will take the lead to encourage, and empower, and challenge others to go the right way. Or to play harder, or to seek the right things in life.”

Chris Coleman - Student
“Being a student athlete has it's challenges for sure, but it's something that I've done sense seventh grade. So it's kind of been ingrained into me to prioritize school and prioritize practice and kind of schedule everything out. And just to make sure that you get all your work done before you show up to class. Sometimes you have to stay up late; sometimes you have to wake up early. But it can be challenging, but for the most part if you just lay everything out you can do it.”

After High School, Chris plans on attending college and will major in Communications. In hopes to one day become a Pastor.

Congratulations to Chris Coleman of Brazos Christian School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!