Classroom Champion - Emilie Compton - February 1, 2018

MILANO, Texas -- Classroom Champions, sponsored by American Momentum Bank.

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Emilie Compton. The Milano High School Senior has a 3.36 GPA, and is currently ranked fourth in her class.

Cody Wall – Teacher
“Emilie leads through example. She turns in grade assignments, turns them in on time. When she's working with a partner, her and her partner are in sync with each other and I know that's from great leadership. Emilie is very well-rounded. She's tough on the court and tough in the classroom. I've noticed that she just can handle her stuff and she's a very well-rounded student, and an excellent example of the students at Milano ISD.”

Darryl Bruffett
Emilie is a member of the volleyball, basketball, softball, cross country and track teams for the Lady Eagles. She's a three-time selection for 1st Team All-District honors in softball and honorable mention honors in basketball. She was also been named a Wendy's High School Heisman award winner in 2017. Outside of athletics, Emilie is a member of National Honor Society and the Student Council. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching for Little Dribblers and volunteering at Summer church camps.

Wendy King - Coach
“I think with Emilie having parents that are both coaches and having been in the field for a long time that she sees athletics from both perspectives. She has a pretty deep understanding of what it's like on both sides, and so she generally knows what I'm thinking, maybe before I'm thinking it. And she kind of understands what the consequences of certain behaviors or certain actions are going to be. So she has a unique vision of what's going on from both sides of the perspective.”

Emile Compton - Student
“One of the things that drives me is I have younger ones looking up to me. So I have my sister that plays with me also, and there's a whole bunch of younger underclassmen that I've been friends with throughout the years. So I want to try and be a good example for them and show them the work ethic that needs to be put forth. There's always people watching you and you just want to be a good example to all of them.”

After High School, Emilie plans on attending Texas A&M University and will major in Kinesiology.

Congratulations to Emilie Compton of Milano High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!