Classroom Champion - Kensey Wiggins - April 19, 2018

SHIRO, Texas -- Classroom Champions, sponsored by American Momentum Bank.

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Kensey Wiggins. The Anderson-Shiro High School Senior has a 4.0 GPA, and is currently ranked second in her class.

Rebecca Wisnoski – Teacher
“Kensey takes being a student athlete with a lot of pride. If she knows that she's going to be out of the classroom, she asks for her work prior to it, and she makes sure she gets it done. Through the student athlete, she knows that classroom comes first and being an athlete comes second. And she is able to weave those in with each other with n sign of stress. And she just does it so beautifully.”

Darryl Bruffett
Kensey is the Team Captain of the volleyball team. She also pays basketball and runs track and Cross Country for the Lady Owls. In volleyball and Cross Country, she received 1st Team All-District honors. And in basketball, Kensey made the Brazos Valley All Academic Team. Outside of sports, Kensey is the Treasurer of the National Honor Society, and she's involved with the Student Activity Leadership Team at Anderson Baptist Church. And academically, Kensey was a State Finalist in the National History Day, History Fair.

Laura Korenek - Coach
“She's not one that you have to tell her this is what needs to be done to be your best. She's going to go out and do it no matter what. Yo don;t have to remind her everyday, “Hey this needs to happen. You need to work hard today.” She does it on her own without any really help from us. She's just a great kid. I've had her as a student, and I've had her on my team. You know if you want a kid in your classroom; you want a kid on your team. It's going to be somebody like her, she's a great kid.”

Kensey Wiggins - Student
“I think my work ethic comes from my parents. They've always just pushed me to pursue my goals and just work hard. If I set goals for myself they were always there just making me keep pursuing those. And they didn't let me fall below my own standards, because they knew how much I wanted to do good at everything. And I always just wanted to do my best, and produce my best quality work in everything I do.”

After High School, Kensey plans on attending Texas A&M University and will major in Biology.

Congratulations to Kensey Wiggins of Anderson-Shiro High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!