Classroom Champion Bonnie Swinnea

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Bonnie Swinnea . The Bremond High School Senior has a 4.9 GPA, and is currently ranked 2nd in her class.

“Her personality...She's just very well rounded. She is able to juggle a lot. She's just able to just pretty much do anything she wants to do and I just see her I guess tenacious, getting out there, trying it, and working hard at something. If it's something she really wants you know, she works even harder.” Beverly Swick, Teacher.

Bonnie plays volleyball and softball for the Bremond Lady Tigers. She is also the Varsity Cheer Captain and the School Mascot as well. In softball, Bonnie has been an All-Academic and 2nd Team All-District selection as a catcher. Outside of sports, Bonnie is the President of the National Honor Society, her Chapters FFA, and she also serves as the Senior Class President. She is also involved in UIL-Math, 4-H and the Student Council. In her spare time, Bonnie is very passionate about showing heifers and she also enjoys playing sports.

“Bonnie leads by example. She is poised most of the time, and she looks for ways to solve problems and I think students naturally look to her for leadership. She's also a very great vocal leader as well. Where she is willing to speak up whenever things need to be changed, or when things need to be done a certain way. She's very willing to speak up.” Charlotte Revill, Coach.

“When you try to be a leader, I think the hardest thing to understand is that for certain people you have to be a different type of leader and in times I lead by example; that's what I'm most comfortable doing. Being quieter, trying to show you what you need to do and then at other times you have to be vocal and you have to tell your teammates, “Hey, this is what we need to do at this time,” and with certain people you can do that, but I think the way you can be the best leader that you can be is figuring out what type of leader you need to be for your teammates.” says Swinnea.

After High School, Bonnie's goal is to attend the University of Texas in Dallas, and continue her softball career there. She plans on majoring in Biology in hopes to one day become a Pharmacist.

Congratulations to Bonnie Swinnea of Bremond High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!