Classroom Champions-Johnathan Ellard

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Johnathan Ellard. The Caldwell High School Senior has a 4.1 GPA, and is currently ranked in the top 10 percent of his class.

“With Johnathan I respect his Christian walk with God. I think his faith is really important in his life. I think that that's something that he would say is pretty foundational to everything that he does and so I think he really does looks to bring glory to Jesus' name, and that's one of the ways he looks to do that. Beyond that I think he's one of those kids that's probably been taught really well at home. He's been taught to work hard in anything that he does.” Bret Lockhart, Teacher.

Johnathan is the Co-Captain for the Hornets Soccer team, and he also plays tennis for the Hornets. In soccer, he has been a Honorable Mention All-District selection, and he scored the first goal of the program. In tennis, Johnathan was a Regional Qualifier in Doubles, and last season he won the district in Mixed Doubles. Outside of sports, Johnathan is involved in FCA , FFA, BPA, the Spanish Club, and he's the President of the National Honor Society.

“When you're just a student you know all you are worried about is your class work, and that does intel a lot but when you're a student athlete, it's a big expectation, and I think he really handles that really well. He goes and he studies after practice. You know we practice every single day and he keeps that grade point average up. So, it's not just getting to get home at 3:30 studying for a couple hours and you go back to school the next day. It's a 24 hour job being a student athlete.” Marcus Escalante, Coach.

“Ultimately, the reason that I really try to work hard in my classes is not for myself, but I've been taught by my parents to just try the hardest in everything that I do and being raised in a Christian family I take work ethics to an extent of not pleasing myself, but more so glorifying my Creator. I think that's the main thing that drives me. I honestly believe that he is the one who lets me be able to do all the things that I do.” says Ellard.

After High School, Johnathan plans on attending the Texas A&M University, and he will pursue a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries.

Congratulations to Johnathan Ellard of Caldwell High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!