Classroom Champions-Liz Harrison

News 3 Sports would like to congratulate our latest Classroom Champion, Liz Harrison. The Bryan High School Senior has a 5.0 GPA, and is currently ranked sixth in her class.

“The kids look up to her as somebody that has a good understanding of the content. I might put it in a different light and she's able to put it in a light that they've used in a previous class. So that they use that terminology. So she does a good job of leading by by doing as well as just by whenever she's called upon to say now this is what we need to be doing.” Mike McCarley, Teacher.

Liz plays soccer and tennis for Lady Vikings. In Tennis, she has been a 2nd Team All-District selection and a Regional Qualifier for her play on the tennis court and in soccer, Liz and her teammates have been District Champions as well as a State Semi-Finalist. Outside of sports, Liz is involved with the National Honor Society, and the IB Program. In her spare time, Liz enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with her friends.

“She's driven, she doesn't try to cut corners, she knows she's got to do the work. I think part of that came from Tennis and just knowing how difficult it is. I told the kids the other day that Tennis is easy once you respect it's difficulty. And they may see her hit a good ball, but they didn't realize all the time she's put in to be able to hit that good ball; same thing on the soccer field.” Randy Stewart, Coach.

“How I handle the pressure of being a student athlete is I try to compartmentalize things. So when I step onto the court or step onto the field, I'm only thinking about that particular sport, whatever I'm doing and then when I'm in the classroom I try to put all my focus on that so I'm not really letting things outside of my life...I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time and that kind of makes it less stressful.” Says Harrison.

Liz is still undecided on which University or College she will attend after high school but, she plans on majoring in Neuroscience, and hopes to one day become a Neurologist.

Congratulations to Liz Harrison of Bryan High School. This week’s News 3 Sports Classroom Champion!