Coach Pat Henry on NCAA Championships Cancellation

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Texas A&M's track and field head coach Pat Henry gave the following statement in regards to the NCAA canceling the 2020 Indoor Championships and all remaining winter and spring NCAA Championships.

"Of course I understand the problems and ramifications associated with this virus and how scared people are about it. I think our indoor championships could have been treated different. We were already here and we were already around everybody and I heard that was recognized by our conference president who advised we complete these championships. I think they could've started and finished these championships without effecting all of these young people's careers. I don't know how the NCAA will go forward from this point because you have young people in their fifth year, you have seniors who have no opportunity to complete a collegiate career or even to help to prepare for a professional career. It is very difficult as a coach to watch these young people go through this entire situation."