Consol's Fedora pays off pre-season promise at pep rally

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Back when the football season started the A&M Consolidated Tigers ask head coach Lee Fedora if would dance at a pep rally. He said if they went 10-0 he'd do it.

At last week's pep rally the head coach kept his part of the deal after his team delivered the first 10-0 start since 1990.

Now Fedora was a pretty good break dancer during his high school days at Consol in the late 80's and showed that he's still got some pretty good moves.

When ask who choreographed his dance, he said he did.

Coach Fedora also said he was getting a little tired when he pulled an audible and decided to find somebody to dance with to not only share the spotlight, but also catch his breath.

H sought out high school principal Gwen Elder.

Fedora did say his back was sore on Sunday and Monday, but he's fine now.

When ask about showing off his skills again, he said cracked a smile and said his Tigers would need to produce five more wins this season and maybe.

A&M Consolidated will take on Fort Bend Marshall in the Area Round of the Class 5A Division II playoffs on Friday at Ken Pridgeon Stadium down in Houston.