Dime Box Longhorns: 2019 Hometown Heroes

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- The Dime Box Longhorns are preparing to play varsity football for the first time ever.

The Longhorns are a playoff regular in basketball and are hoping that carries over into football.

Rick Frey has been charged with laying the football foundation in Dime Box. He brings experience from Brenham Christian and says unlike other jobs he's taken, the challenge in Dime Box is starting from ground zero.

"We're learning everything from the ground up. Basketball is king, but even the most basic fundamentals we're teaching," said the Longhorns first ever head football coach.

"Some of them do have a little bit of experience if they moved in from different schools, but most of them this is brand new and they've got to learn everything, but they are learning pretty quickly so we should be alright this season," added defensive lineman and fullback Dustin Frey.

"We've got some pretty fast people. Athletic, cross country runners and I think we'll be OK," continued Masyn Spacek who will play quarterback and running back for the Longhorns this season.

"I told myself that I had to play football so I get tougher for basketball and I put on muscle and have a football experience," wrapped up Jer'Prion Gilbert who will also play quarterback this season.

Coach Frey and his Longhorns will open a new era of Longhorn sports on Friday August 30th when they travel to Bellville to take on Faith Academy at 7pm.