Economic decision to be made by spring seniors who decide to return

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Texas A&M Director of Athletics Ross Bjork says on the surface the NCAA's decision to allow spring sports student athletes to return to complete their eligibility next year looks like a great deal, but he explained in his media zoom meeting Tuesday that it's not that simple.

95 percent of the student athletes who's seasons were affected by the coronavirus pandemic participate in equivalency sports. Meaning they will again have to pay out of pockets for school what their scholarship doesn't cover. There are very few equivalency athletes on full rides.

"Let's just say a senior was on 25% scholarship and they are graduating in May and we say, 'hey we want you to come back. Here's your 25% scholarship.' They have to come up with the other 75%. Are they able to do that? Do they want to do that?' said Bjork.

"What's their financial situation? All of these spring sports are equivalency sports with the exception of women's tennis. In women's tennis everyone is on a full ride scholarship," added Bjork.

It will be interesting to see how many seniors, like A&M softball senior center fielder Kelbi Fortenberry, decides to pony up the difference and finish up their college eligibility or simply say it's not worth it and begin their working careers.