Finding a 'new normal' for the college football season

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BRYAN (KBTX) - One of the big questions during this pandemic has been on the upcoming college football season: when and how will that look like? Many people have voiced their opinions, and today the president of the University of Virginia said he hopes college football can be played this fall, but he does not expect it to seem like “normal football seasons.”

Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Rjork says all of the FBS commissioners are meeting regularly to figure out a plan. Right now the worry is that some schools would be ready for a cautious approach back to normalcy, while others are far from that. Bjork says it would be ideal if all of college football could start at the same time, but he also knows that may just not be a possibility.

"If certain regions and certain states or even a certain University is not quite ready, we have to answer the question at some point does the rest of college athletics have to be at a standstill?" Bjork questioned. "We don't have that answer, quite yet. But that's, that's going to be the conversation as the the month unfold here, you know, May, June and July. Is everyone ready? Can everyone starts at the same time? And if not, what do those numbers look like," added Bjork.

As of now, the Aggies are scheduled to kick-off their 2020 football season September 5th against Abilene Christian.