Fisher doesn't want to implement too many new things in bye week ahead of Alabama

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COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M football has an extra week to prepare for Alabama, but head coach Jimbo Fisher says they need to return to the basics in order to improve.

When asked about how he would spend his "off-day" on Saturday, defensive lineman Justin Madubuike responded, "Probably getting my body right. Eating some chicken wings. Just relaxing. Stretching. Watching film on 'Bama."

Of course next week is another huge match-up for A&M. They take on the number one ranked team in the country for the second time in just a month.

The Aggies say this bye week came at a great time. Now 3-2 on the year, The Aggies have an extra week to prepare for Alabama.

But head coach Jimbo Fisher says now is not the time to throw in new things or change up the game plan too drastically. He says it's still all about perfecting the fundamentals.

"It's hard for guys to expand and do new things if the fundamentals and the consistency aren't where they need to be. That makes you drift even more. You may have a trick play or something like that. People say, well put something else in, but that takes fundamentals to do that. You need to be fundamentally sound before we go at it. What we're doing is fine. We need to do it better. We need to coach it better," said Fisher.

The Aggies will be looking for their second win a row for the first time this season and their first win over Alabama since 2012.

Kick-off against Alabama is next Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on KBTX.