Fisher says Mond, Aggies are taking accountability for loss against Clemson

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COLLEGE STATION - The Aggie football team is coming off a 24-10 loss at #1 ranked Clemson. They say you learn more from a loss than you do a win, and learning from your mistakes is exactly what the Aggies are working on this week as they prep for Lamar.

The Aggies agree that there were plenty of missed opportunities on Saturday. Head Coach Jimbo Fisher liked the way his team competed. He says there were just moments in the game the team collectively needed to capitalize more on opportunities.

Both the offense and defense say they both need to be better to help their team win, but no one may be taking more accountability than quarterback Kellen Mond.

"At times I feel like I could be too hard on myself. Sometimes people close to me tell me that. I feel like that's just the nature of being a quarterback and who I am as a person," explained Mond.

"He takes accountability for everything. That guy's the hardest worker. First guy on the field, last guy off. There's quite a few, we've got a great bunch of those guys. He's a high-quality character young man that is so fun to coach and be around," said Fisher.

A win this Saturday against Lamar would move Mond into the top-ten on the Aggies' winning-est quarterbacks list.