Jimbo Fisher says head coach and athletic director need to be on same page to succeed

HOUSTON, Texas (KBTX) -- Texas A&M Head Football Coach Jimbo Fisher was the Touchdown Club of Houston's guest speaker Tuesday afternoon.

Fisher met with some members of the media and took questions.

He was ask about the university's search for a new athletic director and admitted he was ask his opinion on Scott Woodward's replacement and talked about the importance of he and the new AD being on the same page.

"You see things in the same way by how to get there, the way you get there, why you would get there, and the direction in which you would go. Because in this business, like you say how quickly do you want us to win? Which is right now. We are in a now world. If you take a year or two year to figure each other out sometimes both of your careers are going! Ha ha! It's over with. It doesn't happen that way," said Fisher.

Local Texas A&M fans will get a chance to hear Coach Fisher speak during the Brazos County A&M Club's Coaches night on May 13th which is less than two weeks away.