Football: Bonding mother and son

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Texas A&M football will play their final game of the season Friday against Oklahoma State in the Texas Bowl. Thousands will flock to NRG Stadium to watch the game, but there's only one person sophomore defensive lineman Bobby Brown will be looking for in the stands.

"I get pretty rowdy and I'm loud. My coach's voice kicks in," said Erica Kelly with a laugh.

It's a voice Bobby has heard his entire life. Erica is Bobby's mom and his first coach.

"Honestly, I felt like nobody would push him as hard as I would," said Erica.

"Man, it’s definitely harder when your mom's screaming at you like she's a football coach," said Bobby.

Erica started training her son at a young age.

"At three years old I taught him how to shoot a basketball at regulation goal and at three I taught him how to catch a football," said Erica.

"She just threw it and was like, 'If you don’t put your hands up, it’s going to hit you in the face.' And the first time it hit me like clean in my face. I was about to cry. And then she told me, 'Now put your hands like this and catch it.' She threw it way harder than the first time and I actually caught it," recalled Bobby.

All of the coaching, training, and conditioning led Bobby to A&M with the ability to handle anything a college coach could throw at him. When asked if she's a tougher coach than Jimbo Fisher, Bobby simply replied "Yes."

She may be tougher but only in the way a mother can be.

"Oh, I’m very proud. I can’t explain to you how very proud I am. He’s worked hard and I feel like he deserves it. Not deserves it, but he’s earned it," said Erica.

"That was my first best friend. That’s my rock, my world. I’d do anything for that woman and I know she’d do anything for me," said Bobby.