It's the 'unknown' that sports fans are wanting to know - WHEN?

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- It's a gorgeous Tuesday spring night in the Brazos Valley and the Aggie baseball team would have been hosting Dallas Baptist if we weren't dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

While all the spring sports have been canceled. Everyone wants to know about the fall now and not to alienate the volleyball & college soccer coaches, players, and fans, but in particularly football. Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork held his weekly Zoom meeting Tuesday and there are plenty of ideas on how to get the season started, the question is when will it happen and nobody knows.

"It's really hard to predict," said Bjork. "I think all of us would be on board with with playing the season in the best environment possible to make sure that we give these kids a great experience," added Bjork.

"There's nothing that I've heard that just says, 'hey that makes you whence or anything'. I think it's the unknown that we all keep kind of running through our heads," concluded Bjork.

The Aggies September 5th opener is 151 days away.