Like all opponents, No. 1 Clemson is 'name-less' and 'face-less' to the Aggies

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- Jimbo Fisher has never been the kind of coach to think he couldn't win a game and he feels like the key is to not be concerned with who you are playing as much as you need to be focus on how you play.

Fisher takes a name-less, face-less mentality to every game and while that would seem to be a tall order when you are facing the number one ranked team in the country and defending national champions, the players have bought into the coaches approach.

"It kinda goes back to who you are in yourself and if we have the type of confidence and great week of preparation, the same as we had against Texas State," said A&M Quarterback Kellen Mond.

"You know who your opponent is and the environment and atmosphere will take care of itself. But you have to control yourself. All the great opponents don't look for external motivation. You've got to have it within yourself. You are who you are and what you do each day and if you're only getting motivated to play certain people. You're never going to win a championship," added Fisher.

A year ago that approach saw A&M play second ranked Clemson closer than any team in the country.

The Aggies continue to be big underdogs on Saturday. Las Vegas has the Tigers as a 17 point favorite to win their 17th straight game.

Saturday's game kicks off at 2:30 and will be broadcast on ABC.