Live Sports are Back with College Baseball’s Biggest Event of the Year!

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 5:42 PM CDT
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Today it was announced that College Baseball’s biggest event of 2020 will take place on June 4th and will feature live collegiate baseball broadcasted for the first time since March! Baseball and sports enthusiasts will have an amazing opportunity to enjoy premier level of baseball from the safety of their homes.

The Collegiate Summer Baseball Invitational (CSBI) is an invitation only, 4-team regional formatted tournament that will feature rosters composed of players from elite universities all around the country, hand-picked by the CSBI coaching staffs. This event will begin with three days of practice and will be played in a multi-use sports complex and stadium that boasts beautiful artificial turf and hosts nearly 300 events each year. Located in Bryan / College Station at the heart of Central Texas, the facility's normally full stands will be empty for these games, but America will be watching via Pay-Per-View together as we showcase some of the best and potentially only college baseball played this season while offering relief to fans from across the country!

The event has been coordinated with local health officials and will include the full quarantining of everyone involved; From the players, coaches, umpires and broadcast team, everyone will be secured in a local hotel for the entirety of the week. All participants will be tested for Covid-19 upon their arrival, and will be checked daily for any medical conditions.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s top public health expert, said in an interview with The New York Times - “You’ve got to be really creative….“ “You want to at least consider having players, if they’re going to play, play in front of a TV camera without people in the audience. And then test all the players and make sure they’re negative and keep them in a place where they don’t have contact with anybody on the outside who you don’t know whether they’re positive or negative.”

In addition to ensuring the safety of all the participants off the field, the CSBI staff is putting rules in place to ensure player safety on the field as well. Brian Nelson, the Director of Baseball Operations, said “all of these players are beyond excited to get back out on the field. They missed their spring seasons and have been cooped up at home for a while now. But this is also why we have to be smart and extra careful about how we let the players re-enter competitive play. We are putting multiple rules and limitations in place like pitch counts, innings and appearance limits. This will allow us to expand the rosters and give a lot of players the opportunity to participant in this awesome event. This is a free event for the players and we just want coaches and families to know that their kids are being taken care of.”

On the technology front, the CSBI has teamed up with Infinity Sports & Entertainment to ensure the streaming experience is as top notch as someone would expect a broadcast to be. Infinity Sports & Entertainment CEO, Uri Geva who has led Pay-per-View streaming events for almost 20 years, ranging for the Arena Football League, Professional Hockey, Minor League Baseball and International Cheerleading Championships was quoted - “This is an amazing opportunity to help showcase some of the best college baseball in the country, while raising funds for a charity and helping to provide some relief to everyone dealing with Covid-19’s challenges.”

The 3 Day event will be broadcasted via a Pay-Per-View subscription which starts at $49.95 for the first 2,000 members and includes the entire 6-game tournament!

College Baseball is Coming - For more information on how to take advantage of today’s special, please go to: Follow the CSBI on social media: | Twitter: @CSBI2020