Morris post impressive number on treadmill to wrap up workout

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 7:58 PM CDT
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Texas A&M defensive back Devin Morris is one of the 200 or so Aggie student athletes still in College Station after the university went to on-line classes with the COVID-19 outbreak in Brazos County. He said he's doing what he can to stay in shape after the athletic facilities were closed down and spring practice canceled.

"At the beginning it was pretty hard not being able to use the facilities at all. It's been kinda tough so you really have to work harder than you usually do so that is pretty much what I have been doing. I've been trying to stay away from people, but get work in at the same time," said Morris.

While Devin is keeping his social distance, his workout Tuesday down in Humble finished with some fun on a treadmill that has gotten quite a few looks on Twitter and Instagram.

"After like ten sprints I tried to see how high I could go so we bumped it up to 23. I can get 24 or 25 miles per hour if I was in shape and trained for it, so coming off the couch that's pretty damn good," added Morris," continued Morris

"On Twitter it's gotten like 50,000 hits and on Instagram. People share it on their page too, so a couple of big pages have shared it so it's gotten like 50,000 on one page and 50,000 on another page. So it has quite a bit," added Morris.

"A lot of people really don't think I'm that fast. I've actually just started playing so don't let me catch an interception this season because I'm taking it to the house," wrapped up Morris.

Devin said most of his classes were already on-line, so that hasn't been a change, but the social distancing is. He's looking forward to things getting back to normal and working out with his teammates soon with the September 5th season opener against Abilene Christian at Kyle Field.

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