President Bush became a regular at Aggie sporting events

Published: Dec. 2, 2018 at 9:49 PM CST
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George H.W. Bush loved sports. He was a baseball player at Yale helping the Bulldogs make trips to the College World Series in 1947 and 48.

After Bush's political career came a close his impact was felt here in the Brazos Valley with the opening of the Bush Library and Museum. With 41 coming to town it was not unusual to see him and his wife Barabra around the Texas A&M campus at a game or stopping by an Aggie practice.

Women's head basketball coach Gary Blair said, "It was such a good feeling when he would come in. He would have the oldest pair of pants. The belt must have been from the 1930's or something like that, it would be turned the wrong way and he would have the first dog with him and he would come over he's just like was like a granddad to all my players. He was just so giving and also so knowledgeable about A&M and about my basketball team."

Head softball coach Jo Evans also has fond memories of 41. "He'd come in and he'd come around the corner where's Jo, I mean it was just like family to us and come on the field and of course we would be in the middle of an intense practice and everything stopped. Our kids I wouldn't get one thing out of them. They were running over to give him a hug and to take pictures and he was always so generous and Barbara as well, Mrs Bush so generous to just give us all the time and then to come to games."

Before a Texas A&M women's basketball game in 2008 Gary Blair was able to share a special moment with his friend Kurt Budke who was the Cowgirls head coach, introducing him to President Bush. That meeting came just under four years before Budke was killed in a plane crash.

"That was special. I don't know who was more excited Kurt Budke, George Bush or Gary Blair but that's how giving that he was. George Bush was just so patient and he just wanted to say hey welcome to Aggieland. It was a special feeling and every time I would see Kurt after that he would always be thinking me for making that happen," Blair said.

The games and practices will continue to go on at Texas A&M but a little bit of electricity is gone knowing that we won't have the chance to see President Bush in person anymore pulling for the Aggies.

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