Rudder softball honors five seniors

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BRYAN, Texas -- The Rudder softball team held senior night Wednesday at Rudder High School. Kiana Barrios, Angel Cumpian, Gabby Garcia, Madison Johnson and Kylee Shaffer were honored.

The Lady Rangers played just 18 games before the season was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. This was not the senior season any high school athlete imagined but Thursday's senior night event gave these players a nice memory from their final high school softball season. Rudder shortstop Gabriella Garcia said, "I will for sure remember this night forever. Although it didn't go as planned it will still be remembered. At least I got to celebrate it." Lady Ranger middle infielder Kylee Shaffer added, "It's different and it's kind of like our own little thing. No we didn't get what everybody else got but we are getting this special thing where we can have it. It's just our own so I think that will be really special."

The Rudder seniors will have a graduation ceremony June 27 at Merrill Green Stadium.