Rudder's Kindt gearing up for trip to Australia and Down Under Track Meet

Published: Jul. 4, 2019 at 10:44 PM CDT
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Independence Day can take a lot of different meanings and for Rudder High School Senior Kevin Kindt it's about finding out what you are made of.

On Saturday Kevin will leave for Sydney, Australia, to compete at the Down Under Track and Field Meet next week.

A year ago Kevin was invited to participate in this meet, but things didn't work out. This year they did and he's looking forward to making the trip.

This will mark a lot of firsts for Kevin. His first time in an airplane . First big trip away from home without his mom or dad and all while dealing with autism.

Kevin has found ways to cope and in fact his shot-put and discus skills are self taught.

"We're extremely proud of him. He's come a long way. He decided he was going to do this and he found a way. We don't have a lot of coaches around here and the coaches are only allowed to work with them for so long so he decided to take it further," said Kevin's mom Renee Kindt.

"It took me learning and watching a few videos. Watching a couple of techniques and figuring out what I wanted to do and so far it's worked out," added Kevin.

Certainly his parents are anxious about him being on his own, but think the Independence will be good for him.

"I think the trip to Australia is really good thing because we know that next year Kevin will be leaving for college somewhere. We don't know where in Texas? We are hoping in Texas, but we don't know where. He is getting ideas all over the place so this is a trial run. This is to see where he is at and what we need to do to make all of his college aspirations happen," continued Renee.

Kevin says he isn't all that worried about competing on the track, but having enough money to take care of his McDonald's habit.

"Well we actually looked up some prices in Australia and all that and I was hoping it would be a little bit less than it is, but apparently McDonald's is typically about $8 there so it is a little be more expensive than it is here," concluded Kevin.

Kevin is scheduled to begin competing at the Down Under Sports Track Meet next week.

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