SEC Volleyball Coaches release joint statement standing for social justice and equality

Published: Jun. 7, 2020 at 3:17 PM CDT
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All 13 head volleyball coaches in the Southeastern Conference released a joint statement on Twitter Sunday in support of combating racism and calling for social justice.

"As leaders of young women, we must fulfill our responsibility to actively fight racism and we must start now. No longer can we wait because our silence signifies complicity in the treatment of Black people. In order to pursue what is fair and just, we must also confront injustice, and that means acknowledging the existence of racism and its many forms, both in subtle expressions and blatant transgressions.

It is imperative that we speak up and fight justice in human rights. It is imperative that we take a stand against racist and discriminatory behaviors and beliefs. Black people should not have to live in fear. We are looking this problem in the eye and committing to being united.

While we cannot understand the daily struggles of being Black, we believe that needing extra courage to live one's life amongst a society created to protect all within it should not be required. Because of this, we vow to learn, to hear, to grow and to change.We will be an active part of reshaping our collective present and future, beginning with our own homes, our own teams, our own universities and our own communities. Not only do we as coaches have a unique opportunity to step forward, but also an obligation to actively fight racism and we must advocate for real change.

We have the courage to stand up against the unjust and unfair treatment of Black people. We promise to walk with you, stand by you, listen to you and support you.

We stand with social justice. We side with equality and diversity.

We are speaking up and standing together."