Somerville Yeguas: 2019 Hometown Heroes

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BRYAN - The Yeguas have their seventh head coach in seven years, as Cal Neatherlin takes over the program this season.

Neatherlin spent the past five years at San Antonio Southwest High School. His focus now is to continue gaining the kids' trust and turning this program around.

The Yeaguas went 1-9 last year and only made the playoffs once in the past decade. But they're optimistic now under Neatherlin's leadership.

Junior quarterback Philip Haba said, "This head coach, cause we've had a lot, is bringing positivity. He's pumping our heads up a lot. I think that's what everybody else needed on the team. I feel like if we all have the confidence, and the positivity, and we actually all want it, the season will have a better outcome than last year."

Junior running back Deven Green added, "His positivity has actually worn off on all of us. We respect him not only as a coach but as a dad."

Neatherlin is excited for his first year with the Yeguas. "To be honest I have high expectations. I was a little weary at first because of the records of the past. Then when I saw the talent that the kids have, you know we're not very deep, but the athletes are here, and it's my job to get them ready. I expect good things," Neatherlin stated.

Somerville kicks off their season August 30th at home against Iola.