Texas A&M’s Adams wins USA Swim Squads competition

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Former Texas A&M swimmer Cammile Adams displayed A&M’s commitment to selfless service after donating $10,000 to The Jessie Rees Foundation.

Adams participated in a four-team swimming draft and earned points at designated swim series events. Each team is run by a former member of Team USA and Adams’ team won the USA Swim Squads battle for 2019.

“The Swim Squads this year was so much fun,” said Adams. “There is actually quite a bit of time and research that went into the draft, as well as each of the pro meets. The other three captains and myself are all really good friends, so it was a blast to rehash races and such with them and talk swimming.”

“I am honored to have played for The Jessie Rees Foundation, inspiring kids fighting cancers to Never Ever Give Up (NEGU),” Adams added. “They have such an amazing organization and that gives the kids and their families resources and hope during such difficult times in their lives.”