Words of encouragement extended to 2019-2020 Classroom Champions class

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -- On Thursday nights during the school year KBTX Media honored a high school senior during our weekly classroom champions segment. The annual banquet is the one time where KBTX staff and management along with representatives from American Momentum Bank can personally congratulate the classroom champions.

To rub some salt in the wound, this year marked the 25th season of Classroom Champions at KBTX Media.

Just because there was not a banquet didn't diminish what each Brazos Valley high school senior was able to accomplish both in the classroom and on the field of competition.

"I do remember that exciting time of my senior year and that spring of getting ready to graduate," said Frank Varisco - American Momentum Bank Bryan/College Station Market President.

"Celebrating with friends and family and I am sorry that you are missing out on that this year. But just keep in mind that everybody is still proud of you not on your family, but also the community and us here at American Momentum Bank. And again we are proud to in some way help lift your spirits a little bit by helping out and sponsoring this event. So we want you to hang in there and I want you to persevere," concluded Varisco.

"If you achieve well in the classroom then you are going to perform at a high level on the field. There is just a correlation," added Texas A&M Director of Athletics Ross Bjork.

"If you look at how we prepare students and student-athletes for life after sport, having this foundation of academic success and high achievement in athletics provides so many leadership lessons. So many opportunities for them to excel beyond sports, beyond the classroom and in whatever career path that they choose. So it is just a great testament that these students, these athletes are able to balance the classroom and competition at the highest level," wrapped up the first year A&M A.D.

Since 1995 KBTX Media has honored 837 high school seniors with the distinction of being Classroom Champions.