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Phone: (979) 779-7529

About Us

On August 25, 2006, the Brazos Valley Bombers sprung to life at a press conference in the courtyard of the LaSalle Hotel in downtown Bryan. Amidst all the excitement about the area’s only sports franchise, the statue of a Bombers player with two children – which stands on the sidewalk outside the historic hotel – reminded attendees that the Bombers of the future have an historic pedigree. Sixty years before the current Bombers inaugural season, the original Bryan Bombers brought professional baseball to the Brazos Valley.


The Brazos Valley Bombers are committed to providing an affordable family-friendly environment to the Brazos Valley residents and visitors. We offer a winning combination of the best possible collegiate summer baseball with a variety of in-game entertainment. We promise a positive baseball related experience to all those involved in our endeavor: fans, players, sponsors, and staff.

Information for Moms

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