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The Children's Museum provides a child-centered, hands-on, interactive environment for learning and discovery for children.

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Information for Moms

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Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley FAQ

I have a toddler. Is there something for my toddler to do at the museum?
We have a two and under area in the museum known as Mrs. Giggley’s Garden that provides sensory development and interactive playtime.

Is the Children’s Museum open on school holidays or weekends?
We are open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm and on Sundays 12-4pm. We are also open most school holidays, but please call to check our schedule.

What ages does the Children’s Museum cater to?
We have exhibits that are interactive and educational for children ages 12 and under.

How much does it cost to visit the Children’s Museum and does the Museum offer memberships?
Kids under 1 year of age are Free, Children 1 and up are $5, adults are $5, and senior citizens are $4. Memberships are available and start as low as $50 per year.

What will my child(ren) gain from the exhibits at the museum?
Every exhibit is specifically tailored for education. They receive the ability to discover learning through play. For example, the HEB Grocery exhibit allows the child(ren) social interaction and allows them to pretend to be an adult and do an adult activity by purchasing groceries. They also learn about the value of money because each item gets rung up as a cost. The child(ren) can also work on their creativity skills in this specific exhibit because they are able to role play, and by role playing they are creating a whole new world around them which helps them expand their imagination and submerges them into an adult role.